Monday, October 18, 2010

Battle of Duenas - Set Up

Start 0800

18 July 1813

Battle of Duenas

Campaign Background

General Leval has orders to hold the village of Duenas to protect the main road from Santander to Palencia, along which the Italian corps are due to arrive within 48 hours.

Wellington is determined to use General Altens corps to take Duenas and delay the Italians. Altens corps, which includes the two light brigades, is the best in his army and he is confident that they can take the village.

The battle starts at 0800 18 July 1813.

Table at start of game

Wargames Table

Duenas is the village at the right of the table

The other two buildings are farms

The road top to bottom is from Santander to Valladolid

The road left to right is from Mudarra to Palencia

Levals 6th French corps is deployed on the right of the table

They have orders to hold Duenas

Altens 4th British corps will enter the table on the left on blinds

He has orders to attack Duenas

Game Notes

This the first game we have played with our newly amended rules

As the game starts Leval has ridden forward with his cavalry brigade to determine the line of the British advance.

Rule Note

Another advantage of Leval being so far forward is that it reduces the number of multiple moves the British can take. They are not allowed to have a multiple move which brings them within 16” of an enemy brigade.

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