Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Battle of Baltanas - Set Up

Start 0800

22 July 1813

Battle of Baltanas

Campaign Background

Both armies have now moved to the north bank of the river Duero.

Wellington is determined to strike at Soult and force him back towards Burgos before he can concentrate his army at Baltanas

The battle starts at 0800 22 July 1813.

Table at start of battle

Wargames Table

Baltanas is the village in the centre of the photograph

The top road leads to the north coast

The bottom road leads to Madrid

The right hand road leads to Burgos

The left hand road leads to Valladolis

Villates 7th corps are deployed in and around Baltanas

They have orders to hold the village

Sarruts 8th corps will arrive top right at the start of move 4

Hills 1st corps will arrive to the right of the woods on move 1

Pictons 3rd corps will arrive on the left hand road on move 1

Villates corps at Baltanas

Game Notes

1st British corps start the game with cavalry campaign casualties


  1. Hi Paul,
    Looking forward to this battle as usual!

    I'm going to be running through a single corps per side first game on Friday under your rules, so I hope you will be able to read the write up and assist with any rule clarifications should they arise? I'm confident that I have a good understanding having followed through so many of your battles so I should be OK. The blogs at:


    I just updated with a mention of your rules and the game I intend to play. Wish me luck!!

    Regards to Jan, hope you are both keeping well. Its bloody freezing here!


  2. Hi Lee

    I didn't realise that you also did a blog. I have had a quick look and added it to my favourites list to go through the posts later on.

    I hope that the game goes ok, and that you find the rules to your liking.

    I will check out your blog to keep up with the game.

    We visit my son and his family each Christmas. He lives in Rothbury, which is 20 miles north of Newcastle. Last year the snow started in mid December, and our return flight from Newcastle was cancelled. This year they tell me it is even worse!