Sunday, December 12, 2010

End of Valladolid Campaign

23 April 1813

Strategic Map at end of campaign

The French defeat at Baltanas marked the end of the Valladolid campaign.

Wellington was now in a strong defensive position east of Valladolid, where he would rest and resupply his army.

Soult ordered his army to retreat to Burgos.

The campaign was a complete success for Wellington. He has forced the French to abandon both Madrid and the northern coast. He was now well placed for a final push to drive the French out of Spain.

Soult was confident that he could still hold northern Spain. He blamed the loss of Valladolid on the time it had taken to concentrate his widely dispersed army. Now that they were concentrated at Burgos he would rebuilt his shattered corps ready to meet any renewed advance by Wellington.

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