Thursday, October 21, 2010

Battle of Duenas - Move 2

Move 2

0900 to 1000

18 July 1813

Situation at the end of Move 2

The French moves first. Leval left his cavalry and used all of his CP to get the garrison of the farm on his left back to Duenas.

Alten was able to move his cavalry within charge move of the French chasseurs without a multiple move. The remainder of his corps are advancing towards Duenas behind the cavalry screen

Altens corps approach Duenas

Infantry can move much faster in column of march, but they cannot fight in that formation. So it is important to have deployed cavalry in front to cover the advance. Alten’s corps will soon have to deploy into column of attack or line, both of which move much slower.

Rule Note

Because the British hussars are within charge move of the enemy cavalry, they will be able to declare an Opportunity Charge at the start of the next French move. They will have to pass a morale test of at least 4 with 1D6 in order to do so.

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