Friday, October 22, 2010

Battle of Duenas - Move 3

Move 3

1000 to 1100

18 July 1813

Situation at the end of Move 3

Alten changes his orders to Engage, so that his cavalry can charge the chasseurs. The enemy fail to make morale to react and are routed with three casualties. Alten moves the remainder of his corps towards the enemy.

The hussars finish their charge move within range of the French artillery, who fire but miss. The infantry form square to protect the gunners from the hussars.

The garrison of the farm on the left flank have now reached the village. They move through Duenas to avoid the enemy cavalry who are within charge move.

Rule Note

A brigade charged in the rear must make its morale to turn and face the enemy. If they fail to do so they are routed and lose three casualties. The enemy are Disordered for the remainder of that move.

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