Saturday, October 23, 2010

Battle of Duenas - Move 4

Move 4

1100 to 1200

18 July 1813

Situation at the end of Move 4

The British cavalry have moved closer to Duenas, to be out of the angle of fire of the French artillery. The remainder of the corps continue to move forward in column of march. With the loss of the enemy cavalry there is no threat to them in this formation, and they can move faster.

The French chasseurs failed to make their morale and continued to rout off the table.

All of the French infantry are now in position, but have formed square as protection against the enemy cavalry.

The French infantry have formed square as protection against the British hussars. At present this is a wise move, but as the enemy infantry move closer they will be at a distinct disadvantage in this formation.

Rule Note

Cavalry can not charge Formed infantry in square. However such infantry are at a great disadvantage against enemy infantry whether in line or column.

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