Monday, October 25, 2010

Battle of Duenas - Move 6

Move 6

1300 to 1400

18 July 1813

Situation at the end of Move 6

With only 5 command points Alten is unable to fully deploy his corps. He moves his artillery within range and unlimbers. On the right he deploys one of his rifle brigades in line and sends them forward. On the left he sends one brigade forward in column of march to make room to deploy both in line.

The French gunners fire canister at the riflemen, score a hit and leave them Shaken

The rifle brigade in line is Shaken. They are still in canister range of the enemy artillery, and if they have another hit will probably rout. If they do they will affect every brigade within 4”,
which would include the cavalry, artillery and supporting rifle brigade.

Rule Note

Normally a brigade of rifles would expect to take one casualty and still remain Formed. However when this one tested for morale he rolled a 1. He needed a total of 3 to pass his morale. He got plus 1 for supports and minus 1 for a casualty. If he had got one less he would have routed.

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