Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Battle of Duenas - Move 7

Move 7

1400 to 1500

18 July 1813

Situation at the end of Move 7

The British moved first, fired canister on the Shaken rifle brigade and scored another hit. The rifles tested morale, rolled a 2 and routed through not only the cavalry but also the supporting rifle brigade. Both had to test morale, both failed, both are now Shaken. Things are looking very bleak for Vilatte

French move second. First changed his orders from Engage (which requires that he advance and engage the enemy) to Halt. Artillery fire on British infantry, one hit, make morale. Moved the cavalry out of canister range of the enemy guns and his routed infantry so that they were no longer intermingled with the reserve infantry. Checked morale for Shaken cavalry and reserve infantry. Passed for both, who are now Shaken.

The French have recovered from their rout, but are now in a bad formation to attack, have changed their orders to Halt (in which they cannot initiate any attack) and are still in canister range of the enemy artillery.

Rule Note

One bad morale dice throw, let alone a series of them, can bring the game to an abrupt halt. Normally when supports are Shaken, they lose their next morale test and join the rout. So the French have been very lucky. However this setback has almost certainly cost them the battle. And particularly so if the British advance and fire at them

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