Thursday, October 28, 2010

Battle of Duenas - Move 8

Move 8

1500 to 1600

18 July 1813

Situation at the end of Move 8

British move first, and Alten changes corps orders to Engage. The gunners score another hit on the nearest infantry line, they fail their morale test and are Shaken. Left hand brigade moves forward into skirmish range and forms line.

French move second. Artillery fire on rifle brigade and miss. Infantry line skirmish, and both sides score one hit. British test morale (roll 1) and rout. French test morale (roll 4) and pass. Shaken brigade test morale (roll 6) and also pass.

The second British brigade routs which prompts Alten to order an immediate withdrawal. With the loss of half of his infantry, and the French rallied, there is no prospect of a victory and a hasty retreat is probably the best option.

Rule Note

Once more a poor morale dice roll has decided the outcome of the battle. We both prefer this sort of result to a game, though it can be a “bummer” when it happens too often.

Effect on the Campaign

This is an unexpected set back for the British. This is their best corps, and they should have taken the village. Had they done so the French right wing would have had to fall back towards Burgos, leaving the garrison of Valladolid isolated. Wellington will have to come up another plan!

Casualties were light on both sides, except for the French cavalry brigade. Both corps will live to fight another day.

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