Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Battle of Valladolid - Set Up

Start 0800

19 July 1813

Battle of Valladolid

Campaign Background

On the evening of 18 July Alten sent orders for 4th corps to withdraw from Duenas to join 1st corps who would attack Valladolid at first light.

Patrols from 6th French at Duenas reported that the British were retreating towards Valladolid, and Villate ordered his corps to march south at first light.

The battle starts at 0800 19 July 1813.

Table at start of battle

Wargames Table

Valladolid is the large town bottom left

The other three buildings are farms

The road top to bottom is from Santander to Cuellar

The road left to right is from Tordesillas to Burgos

Villates 7th corps are deployed in and around Valladolid

They have orders to hold the town

Levals 6th corps will arrive on road top centre on move 1

Hills 1st corps will arrive on road bottom left on move 1

Altens 4th corps will arrive in top left square on move 2

Valladolid at start of battle

Game Notes

4th British and 6th French have not had time to regroup since their battle at Duenas, so all casualties will be the same as at the end of that battle.

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