Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Battle of Valladolid - Move 5

1200 to 1300

19 July 1813

Situation at the end of move 5

Despite Wellingtons best efforts, 1st corps can only slowly retreat out of artillery range, due to the French chasseurs, and continue to take casualties.

On the opposite flank 4th corps continues to approach the French line. The hussar brigade has moved forward to pin the French flank, but the artillery have managed to unlimber in canister range due to the protection of the infantry square

Wellington has ordered 1st corps to withdraw out of artillery range, but the French chasseurs force the nearest infantry to remain in square. To make matters worse the French have 12 pounder guns, with their increased range.

4th corps move ever closer to the French line. The Cacadores have reached the far side of the farm (building removed until they are in position). But the French guns have unlimbered within canister range. The side which moves first next turn will have a great advantage.

Rule Note

Wellington’s only hope of success now lies with 4th corps. The combination of the longer range of French artillery, and the absence of any British cavalry, mean that 1st corps will not be able to renew the offensive.

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