Thursday, November 18, 2010

Battle of Valladolid - Move 6

1300 to 1400

19 July 1813
With Wellington’s assistance 1st corps has finally withdrawn out of artillery range. However it is a simple manner for the French gunners to manhandle their guns forward and remain in range.

On the opposite flank 4th corps are suffering casualties and their advance is in danger of falling apart.

Both the highland brigade and the square have suffered casualties. The French gunners have manhanded their guns forward, bringing them into range again.

The hussars have formed column to edge past the French square, and to avoid their artillery. The rifle brigade have suffered casualties, and are shaken. Bad luck seems to have followed the elite 4th corps throughout this campaign

Rule Note

This has been one of those games when the French (Jan) can do no wrong with their dice, and the British (Paul) can do no right. The artillery on the French right rolled two on a D6 to hit the leading rifle brigade, and the riflemen rolled one on the D6, causing them to lose their morale and become Shaken.

The British gunners managed to hit the square which carried over two casualties from the previous battle, but they rolled a six and made their morale!

Its worse that all of this is happening to 4th corps (which includes the light division), and they had the same sort of luck in the previous battle.

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