Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Battle of Baltanas - Move 6

1300 to 1400

22 July 1813

Situation at the end of Move 6

Both British corps are now on Engage orders and move closer to Baltanas to skirmish the garrison.

French reinforcements might just be in time to support the garrison.

On the right Pictons attack is going well.

His artillery have caused casualties to the enemy cavalry, and his infantry are skirmishing with the town

On the left Hill is also doing well. His infantry have routed the enemy line and caused the gunners to seek shelter in the town.

However due to poor dice he has not been able to bring up the remainder of his corps.

Rule Note

Each move the corps commander rolls to decide how many command dice he has. To move his infantry into skirmish range, and then to skirmish, he needs two points for each brigade. He may require another to keep within command range to order them to fire. This often means that the rest of the brigade can not move whilst the skirmish fight is going on.

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