Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Battle of Baltanas - Move 7

1400 to 1500

22 July 1813

Situation at the end of Move 7

The French brigade holding the upper half of Baltanas are shaken, and their artillery is routing through the town. Despite this they manage to hold on

Hill attack on the town (top) has been brought to an abrupt half by the French dragoons charging and routing his guard’s brigade.

Pictons attack on the town is going well.

On the right he has forced the cavalry to withdraw out of artillery range, and his gunners have shaken the square

On the left two of his brigades are skirmishing with the garrison. They have inflicted a third casualty but the defenders hold on.

Hills attack on the town is in tatters.

Soult took control of the French dragoon brigade and ordered an Opportunity Charge on the flank of the guard’s brigade who had just routed the French infantry line.

The guards failed their morale and immediately routed. Fortunately the dragoons were unable to pursue, or the highlanders would have been routed as well before they could form square.

Rule Note
Marshal Soult was allowed to take command of the French dragoon brigade providing he did not issue any other orders that move. He deployed them into line and moved them within charge move of the flank of the British guard’s brigade.

At the start of Hills move, the dragoons were able to declare an Opportunity Charge. They passed the test and charged. The guard’s brigade rolled required a roll of 4 on 1D6 to form square. They rolled a 1. Even with a plus 1 for class A and supports, they still failed to make the necessary total of 4

Caught in the flank they automatically rout with a loss of 3 figures.

The highlanders were just out of supporting range, and do not have to test morale.

The French dragoons have to test to see if they pursue. If they have a total of 5 or 6 with 1D6 they will do so. They rolled a 3 and did not have to pursue.

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