Thursday, December 9, 2010

Battle of Baltanas - Move 8

1500 to 1600

22 July 1813

Situation at the end of Move 8

Morale in Villantes corps (nearest camera) is breaking down. His cavalry and infantry square have both broken and joined the rout.

Wellington has taken command of the British heavy cavalry and brought them forward to delay the deployment of the French reinforcements

A disappointing turn for Picton, despite the spreading rout amongst the French defenders of the town. Despite being in canister range of the town his artillery failed to inflict any casualties. And his two brigades skirmishing the shaken garrison also failed to cause any further casualties.

Villante is still holding the town, despite three casualties on one of his brigades. Two of his infantry brigades, all of his gunners and now the cavalry have lost their morale and are in rout

Hill’s attack has ground to a halt. Unable to press on with the attack he has changed his orders to Halt.

Marshal Soult withdrew the dragoons, and managed to do so without any casualties from the British gunners.

Rule Note

After three turns of Rout any brigade which has failed to make its morale is removed from the table. Both the French gunners and one of their infantry brigades have suffered this fate.

One of the garrisons of the town have three casualties and are Shaken. They have to test morale each move, and require a dice throw of four to avoid a Rout. Although under attack from two infantry brigades, they have managed to hold on for two moves

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